Thompson & Greese Gun

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Re: Thompson & Greese Gun

Post by rcocean » 14 Apr 2021 15:38

YAN wrote:
13 Apr 2012 16:44
Thanks TH for the book info.

I think that the standard U.S. Infantry Platoon with its three BARs and up to 35+ M1 Rifles could lay down a pretty good volume of fire, don’t forget nothing is bolt action apart from the odd M.1903 of course, the Japanese had no chance trying to mass charge the Marines, some Marine Sections had up to three BARs, and I am not even adding the Weapons Platoon to this list.

Yes, plus each US army Rifle company had two .30 cal medium machine guns in the heavy weapons platoon. The US made over 1 million Thompsons and Grease Guns, so someone was using them. why it wasn't made "organic" and mentioned in the T&OE I dunno.
Maybe, NCOs, Officers, etc. were given a choice of a M1 Carbine or a SMG.

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Re: Thompson & Greese Gun

Post by LineDoggie » 17 Apr 2021 23:42

Simply put EVERY US Tank, Tank Destroyer, etc, came std overseas with a Thompson M1/M1A1/M1928A1 or M3 for crew close in defense. To the end of the M3's days in the 1990's it was an AFV drivers weapon.

So thats some of the use
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