Backdoor to war theory - do you believe it?

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Re: Backdoor to war theory - do you believe it?

Post by ljadw » 16 Jun 2021 08:30

rcocean wrote:
15 Jun 2021 15:57
Lets see: first its let talk about the word "War" what does it really mean? Next, its lets talk about whether Japan 1936-1945 = "during WW2". And now its does the Pulitzer equals quality 100% of the time. As opposed to 95% or 82.5% of the time, I suppose. Anyway, sorry you have negative feelings about Toland.
Toland blamed Hitler for the escape of half of the BEF at Dunkirk . Toland's only source was Hitler als Feldherr .
Toland said that if Franco had signed an alliance with Hitler,Hitler would have domination of North Africa .
Toland had been sleeping during the lessons of geography at school ,or maybe the teacher was telling the children that Algeria was a Spanish colony .
If he made such elementary mistakes about the war in Europe, why would one trust what he said about Japan ?

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Re: Backdoor to war theory - do you believe it?

Post by rcocean » 16 Jun 2021 14:49

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