Dates of Rank

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Dates of Rank

Post by Schloss Adler » 22 Jul 2020 21:46


I am trying to unravel a mystery concerning some dates of rank listed in the 1950 Army Almanac. This is primarily associated with the listing of General Officers dated 1 July 1948 (pages 928-931) in which the dates of rank don’t match anything in the associated Army Registers from the same time period.

For example, I listed three officers (there are about 25-30 in total) in which the confusion with the dates occurs (for both Brigadier and Major General ranks). The last line for each (denoted with the *) was taken from the 1950 Army Almanac (which doesn’t state whether the rank was temporary or permanent…I am thinking permanent). The dates in the Army Registers (1948 – 1950) for all three are fairly consistent. But the dates in the Almanac are completely different.

The only thing that I could find that was common with most of them was that they retired in the 1948 and 1949 timeframe…and that the dates reflected in the 1950 Army Almanac are retroactive for some reason. Unfortunately the 1950 Army Almanac doesn’t provide a source for the dates of rank…I was assuming it would be the Army Registers.

Brig. Gen. Foster Tate

1948 Army Register (Active List): 3/20/1943 (temporary)
1949 Army Register (Active List): 4/2/1943 (temporary)
1950 Army Register (Retired List) 4/2/1943 (temporary); Retired 7/31/1949 to Brig. Gen. 8/1/1949
*1950 Army Almanac: 5/17/1947 (permanent?)

Brig. Gen. William E. Brougher

1948 Army Register (Active List): 12/18/1941, accepted 12/24/1941 (temporary)
1949 Army Register (Active List): 12/24/1941 (temporary)
1950 Army Register (Retired List): 12/24/1941 (temporary); Retired: 2/28/1949 to Brig. Gen. 3/1/1949
*1950 Army Almanac: 3/11/1947 (permanent?)

Maj. Gen. Ewart G. Plank

1948 Army Register (Active List): 6/7/1945 (temporary)
1949 Army Register (Active List): 6/28/1945 (temporary)
1950 Army Register (Retired List): 6/28/1945 (temporary); Retired 5/31/1949 to Maj. Gen. 6/1/1949
*1950 Army Almanac: 11/29/1944 (permanent?)

There are several officers in addition to this list in which the dates listed in the 1950 Army Almanac don’t match anything in the Registers. I didn’t list them all since I figured the reason for the conflicting dates would be mostly the same for all of them.

Perhaps there is someone out there who could help.


Doug Batson

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