Use of the 'Calliope’ T-34 Rocket Launcher

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Use of the 'Calliope’ T-34 Rocket Launcher

Post by Richard Stone » 24 Jul 2020 03:57

The five attached documents discuss the use of the 'Calliope’ T-34 Rocket Launcher by the 702nd Tank Battalion.

The reports were written during the March 1945 period and were obtained from the 702nd Tank Battalion’s 1945 After Action Reports.

702nd TnkBatt -March 1945 -T34 Rocket Launcher-1.pdf
702nd TnkBatt -March 1945 -T34 Rocket Launcher-2.png
702nd TnkBatt -March 1945 -T34 Rocket Launcher-3.png
702nd TnkBatt -March 1945 -T34 Rocket Launcher-4.png
702nd TnkBatt -March 1945 -T34 Rocket Launcher-5.png
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Re: Use of the 'Calliope’ T-34 Rocket Launcher

Post by Sheldrake » 24 Jul 2020 09:23

The British and Canadians improvised rocket rails on tanks and armoured cars ... l-out.html

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