US Army Jeep Railway Operation In Burma - 1944

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US Army Jeep Railway Operation In Burma - 1944

Post by Richard Stone » 14 Dec 2020 13:10

The attached article describes the US Army’s 1944 operation of the Mandalay section of the Burma Railway using Jeeps for motive power. The original article was printed in the September 1953 edition of the US Army and Navy Military magazine ‘Military Review’.

I’ve placed a duplicate of this post in this website's section ‘WW2 in the Pacific & Asia'.
MRS - MandalayLine - Page 1.pdf
MRS - MandalayLine - Page 2.pdf
MRS - MandalayLine - Page 3.pdf
MRS - MandalayLine - Page 4.pdf
MRS - MandalayLine - Page 5.pdf
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