US Army Panama Canal Garrison

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Re: US Army Panama Canal Garrison

Post by Loïc » 13 Jul 2021 15:59

OK so we don't gather both Departments

but for US Air Force just realized it was precised in the document
Expenditures for the Army Air Corps prior to 1947 are included in Army costs
so it means that the 6th US Air Force personnel in the PCD is counted here with the US Army until 1947
aarrrghh :x

maybe here
The wartime peak strenght was reached in november 1942 when the Department reached 68 000 including a ground force of 36 000
In july 1942 the War Department announced a curtailment in assignments to the Panama Canal and set the ceiling for ground forces at 47 000
Guarding the crossroads
security and defense of the Panama Canal
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Re: US Army Panama Canal Garrison

Post by Richard Anderson » 14 Jul 2021 02:41

Yes, it tends to confuse some. The US Air Force was part of the Army until 1947 and all strengths of the Air Force were included in the Army strengths.
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