Homefront photos of WWII

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Homefront photos of WWII

Post by South » 06 Sep 2018 09:41

https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/thes ... r-ii.html/

Good morning all,

Above is a collection of mostly homefront pictures. Most, as per my tally, are of Britain with a couple of Greek and German backgrounds. My tally far from accurate......still impressed with the class conscious society whereas curing tobacco while wearing a tie shows that the Yank tobacco farmers do not know how to dress properly.

What was ... what is ... a "typical childhood" ?

The article's editor indulged in too much of that single malt product from up north - or is just unskilled - to write "Some people followed the rules-others didn't". Literature involving the Revelation At Sinai explains this well prior to the Great War Part II.

After the photographer left, the 3 American GIs with the Armored Division patch, voted themselves a waiver and asked the 2 ladies for directions to a nice typical restaurant where all 5 could learn about the culture and cuisine and tightening tank treads - and they also invited along the Max Factor beautician.


Besides chewing gum wrappers and cigarette pack wrappers with their recyclable foil, don't forget the apricot seeds for the gas mask filters. (And if you do buy a car, don't plan on a spare tire to be part of the sale.)

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Now, to read Sid's post which this inadvertently displaced from top of pile.

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Re: Homefront photos of WWII

Post by tigre » 08 Sep 2019 20:24

Hello to all :D; more................................

Great Britain 1939.

Source: LIFE 2 Oct 1939

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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