"Tube Shelter Accident"

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"Tube Shelter Accident"

Post by South » 03 Mar 2019 13:47

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/long ... 17306.html

Good morning all,

Above per ...

An excellent picture leads the article and other quality pictures are in article.

Note: "...emergency evacuations to the coast, then away from the coast, back into Anderson Shelters...".

Note term "deep shelter mentality".

Besides the danger of the warfare; the bombings, 300 people in crowded conditions, under stress, generate disease and related health matters.

Believe term "loud hailer" is Olde English for a megaphone. I've also seen British English term "hooter" in reference to a fixture on a British tugboat in British Asia.

A personal note; I like the design of the new memorial next to the subway sign. People do not routinely visit cemeteries and museums. The memorial is modern and most appropriately located.

I am a contemporary version of the mentioned "Air Raid Wardens".

Please disregard the couple of oblique references to current events.

(Had thought Oxford was a famous university and the circus was located at Westminster.)

~ Bob
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