Vehicles used by British Generals behind the front line

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Vehicles used by British Generals behind the front line

Post by Fatboy Coxy » 27 Sep 2019 10:14

This post was inspired by my looking at the AEC ‘Dorchester’ Command Armoured Truck used by British divisional and corps commanders in North Africa and Europe. And I knew about Monty’s Italian caravan mounted on the back of a Leyland Retriever.

So, it got me thinking what vehicles might we see at the divisional HQ for the commanding officer’s use. When visiting the front line, no doubt he used a number of different vehicles, ie Tanks, Armoured Cars, Carriers etc, by what about in the rear. Did the Dorchester get issued to all divisional commanders, or just armoured divisions?

For comfort motoring, he might well have had use of a Humber Snipe. But was there a non-armoured command truck similar to the Dorchester? Did he have a vehicle he might eat and sleep in? What facilities might he have for planning, conference, and briefing? In the populated areas of Europe, no doubt there was always a hotel to occupy, but in North or East Africa, Burma and Malaya, these facilities were a lot less available.

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