Krystyna Skarberg aka Christine Granville : the greatest spy of WWII ?

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Krystyna Skarberg aka Christine Granville : the greatest spy of WWII ?

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 02 Aug 2020 20:10


she is said to have been the inspiration for James Bond. She was polish, jewish, English and French also in some way :)

Born in Poland from a jewish mother and a polish aristocrat, she decided to fight for the SIS.
She did many missions. She survived in many eccentric ways.
Her code name was the French name "Christine Granville".

She is famous, also for her strange death, killed by a disappointed lover.

Some books have been written about her.

I have read that she was sent in Italy on the track of the Ciano's diaries in fall of 43 and early 1944. I wonder in what extent is it true ?

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Re: Krystyna Skarberg aka Christine Granville : the greatest spy of WWII ?

Post by lucchesa » 13 Oct 2020 22:06

Hi David
I wonder if you ever found out more about this from anyone? I came across the same recently here ... azzo-ciano. It's also unsourced. I've been trying to follow up but not getting anywhere. Edda C does appear to have been in close contact w/ Delia di Bagno around this time (per Moseley etc.), and Delia's mother (Countess Laurenzana) was very close w/the US diplomatic corp when the war started according a thesis ( ... onnors.pdf). I followed up in a biography of Granville by Ron Nowicki, ... 974&sr=8-1, and it is curious that Granville was in fact studying Italian and expecting to be deployed in Italy sometime in late 1943/1944. They were all part of that skiing / aristocratic set, and I can easily see that Granville might well have known people like Pucci, Bagno, and perhaps even Susanna (Suni) Angelli (who per OSS files appears to have been involved in some capacity in the OSS side of the Ciano diaries matter in Switzerland). What's also a bit curious is Granville's connection to Hungarian aristocratic circles and the fact that was a plan to try to have Galeazzo Ciano escape to Hungary, where apparently there was an offer from an unnamed Hungarian aristocrat to shelter him. But Nowicki's book seems to suggest (though not definitive) that Granville was in Cairo in 1943/1944 and went from there straight to her mission in France--though there are some undated references to her crossing the Italian border at least twice.
Just curious if you ever got anywhere with this. It actually makes sense in a way of some things (the Pessini business is very elliptical) but I cannot find any sources to support this anywhere.
Cheers TJ

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