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Bombed or bombing

Post by alsaco » 27 Jul 2003 21:06

May I give the point of view of somebody who was bombed, as a civilian, in Paris, in Juvisy, in Brétigny, in Nantes, and who helped bring out people trapped in cellars or houses ?.

The thing to avoid is war.

But once you are in a war, I prefer to see bombs falling, even on my train or station, on factories and other such objectives, even on towns then have to fight with nude hands people in uniform equipped with arms and vehicles produced by these factories or moved by these trains or on the roads.
Straffing of civilians was not comfortable, and I have often jumped from my bicycle on the way of farms were I collected milk oe beans or bread. But I consider this was my part of the risks, and te choice I had to accept.

War in white gloves is far behind us, and the dream of the closed arena where nation leaders should solve the problems as gladiators is a dream.

Avoid war at all costs, yes. But once in war, win. These are the rules.

Brave or not is another matter. But you do not need to be brave to be killed, or hostage, or victim.

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