British Royal Navy Monitor Ships

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British Royal Navy Monitor Ships

Post by Richard Stone » 14 Mar 2023 19:00

The short attached article discusses the Royal Navy’s Monitor ships. These were designed to attack shore targets using large caliber gun fire while operating in shallow water.

The article was printed in the November 1945 edition of the USA professional military reference magazine ‘Military Review’.

Combat Notes - Mil Review Nov 1945 - Royal Navy Monitors.png
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Re: British Royal Navy Monitor Ships

Post by EwenS » 15 Mar 2023 08:37

Marshall Soult, built in 1915, became a training ship in 1918 and remained so until 1940 when her 15” turret was removed for fitting to the new build monitor Roberts completed in 1941. After that she served as a depot ship at Portsmouth until scrapped in 1946.

Erebus, completed in 1916, had a sister ship, HMS Terror, which was bombed and sunk at Benghazi in Feb 1941.

Abercrombie was a sister ship to Roberts, and was completed in May 1943. Her 15” turret was a spare left over from WW1, having originally been built for the battlecruiser Furious as an insurance against the 18” gun mount proving unsuccessful. Mine damage at Salerno and subsequently, kept her out of action for the remainder of WW2.

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