V For Victory

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V For Victory

Post by gavmeister13 » 26 Sep 2003 10:32

Where did the V for victory sign come from and when was it first used?

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Post by alsaco » 27 Sep 2003 22:48

The V for Victory was first used by the BBC in his belgian services in January 1941

An official presentation of the full scheme was made by Churchill in the BBC building on july 19th, 1941.

Were presented the slogan, V for Victory,
The sign, with two fingers
The morse alphabet V, three short one long, for sonic use

The same day, the BBC did put in use the first four notes of Beethoven's fifth symphony to open all its sending to occupied Europe.

The campaign crossed the atlantic for a presentation to Roosevelt, and went in commercial use in the USA, particularly linked with the Pearl Harbour attack and the pacific war.

Europe used largely the sonic version, and the V was chalked everywhere in France and Belgium.

Germans reacted with posters where the V für Viktoria had an Hackenkreuz at the basis, particularly in 1943, together with posters showing a snail on a map of Italy, to recall the difficult campaign from Salerno to Monte Cassino

For more details, call on Google, under "V for Victory" campaign 1941

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