Use of german insignias and E.S. codes by RAF

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Use of german insignias and E.S. codes by RAF

Post by Christoph Awender » 14 Jul 2002 01:36


I asked a similar questions some time ago but had not much luck. Working through the daily reports of the Generalstab der Luftwaffe I frequently read reports of british aircrafts using german insignias and even valid german E.S. codes.

Two examples:
On 26.September 1940 a enemy bomber is shot down by a german fighter near Hardelot. On 27.Sept. the Gen.St.d.L. gices out additional information about this aircraft that it had german Balkenkreuze on the lower side of the wings.

On 27.Sept.1940 Hptm.Schröder commander of Flak-Abt. I./11 reports that a unidentifed aircraft was targeted by a search-light of his Abteilung and shot valid german E.S.signals. At once the search-light was turned off and immediately afterwards the bombs were dropped.

Does someone know if this was a special squadron using these tactics. Has someone similar stories... etc... any information appreciated.


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