Did Any Albanians Volunteer To Serve With The Allies?

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Did Any Albanians Volunteer To Serve With The Allies?

Postby Animal » 14 Apr 2017 00:25

I know that there were no "Free Albanian" military, naval, or air units as such, and that King Zog, of all the prewar heads of state forced into exile by invasion, was unable to set up a government in exile. But did any Albanians volunteer as individuals to serve with the Allies. Certainly the French Foreign Legion must've had a few join up after the Italian invasion.

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Re: Albanians Volunteers in the French Army

Postby Loïc » 14 Apr 2017 01:38


two Albanians dead in the ranks of the French Army in 1939-1945 (more two in the Maquis FFI/FTPF)
MOUSTAPHA Osman corporal of the Foreign Legion killed 19th june 1940 in France, 43 years old
RAMADANE Sulymann dead in Morocco in 1941 (disease) 43 years old 2e REI

31 Albanians as foreign volunteers of the French Army in 1939-1940 in the lists
Foreign Legion and Foreign Volunteers March Regiments but foreigners could serve also with non-foreign/purely national-french units

BAJRAM Xhulal 43 years old
BUDDA Nikolla 41 years old
DECKA Griger or Grigor 32
DECKA Koco 37
FEYTA Mandyn 38
FORA Vasil 23
HASAN Hysen 27
HUYSENY Jacques 31
IDRIS Schabay 37 (21e RMVE)
ISLAM Ydim 49
KAPO Irakli 28 (23e RMVE)
KYSAR Tahir 35
LISTI Evangellos 30
LOBATCHEFF Atthemy 37 (Infantry Depot n°154)
MAHMUT Jakup 42 (1er/21e RMVE)
MAJERA Georges 27
MERKO Isuf 39
MIDAV Nicolas 35
NASSE Thomas 26
NESTOR Knesofon 38 (1er/21e RMVE)
RAMADANI Médin 25 (22e RMVE)
SANDRA Boussia 26
SOTIR Stéphan 39 (Infantry Depot n°81 joined 5th may 1940)
TAZI Djalen Hessin 42
THANAS Pole 27
THIMIO or THIMJO Thomas 39
TSACAS Nicolas 33 (1er/21e RMVE)
VEIS Ali 39 years old

Albanians or born in Albania among French POW's 1940
MUSTAPHA Ali 39 years old (11e RI- ? maybe 11e REI)
MILLI Pilo 23 (402e DCA)
SIMEONOFF Siméon 35 (22e RI)

Sid Guttridge
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Re: Did Any Albanians Volunteer To Serve With The Allies?

Postby Sid Guttridge » 23 May 2017 12:38

Between the wars a British mission was employed to train the Albanian gendarmerie.

When the Italians invaded in April 1939, the gendarmerie in Durres, under Abaz Kupi, put up the only significant resistance. Kupi went on to lead pro-Allied resistance units in Albania.



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