Allied merchants false flag?

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Re: Allied merchants false flag?

Post by Dili » 28 Nov 2019 02:20

Sawpatin wrote:
21 Nov 2019 12:04
Dili wrote:
21 Nov 2019 03:34
Merchants had French colours and and falsely identify themselves. I am do not know what Abdiel's behavior.
Whose merchant ships are you referring to?
Merchants that tried to run the Malta blockade alone, i have two i remember Tadorna and Ardeola but there others earlier. I don't know if those two were disguised . They were captured by Vichy France - they ran very close to North Africa coast - and were given to Axis later.

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Re: Allied merchants false flag?

Post by reedwh52 » 28 Nov 2019 15:42

Just for clarity:

The false flag for a merchant ship would involve:
1) Not participating in convoys;
2) Not be armed;
3) After leaving port, painting large identifying flags on the ship hull and superstructure.
4) Illuminating such identifying media at night
5) Removing such media before entering port; and
6) not be bound for locations such as the British Isles.

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