Search for wartime pilot's family

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Search for wartime pilot's family

Post by Marcus » 08 Nov 2002 18:29

The Royal Air Force has begun a search for the relatives of a young WWII pilot whose remains have been found in marsh land.
Workmen who were draining marsh land near the town of Nieuw Chappelle, in Belgium, found the remains of Sergeant John Carmichael, still inside the wreckage of his Spitfire fighter.
RAF officials said they were now anxious to trace relatives of the 20-year-old pilot, who was from the Stirling area, so that he can be laid to rest with full military honours.
Sgt Carmichael, a reserve pilot, crashed on 5 September, 1943 after taking off from Hornchurch, in Essex.
He was scrambled after another Spitfire returned to base with engine problems.
It is not known whether he was shot down or his plane suffered mechanical failure.
RAF spokesman Michael Mulford said many of his personal effects were recovered and were well preserved.
He added: "We know quite a lot about this young man, but we don't know whether he was shot down or crashed due to mechanical failure.
"He was involved in some kind of mission over north east France. It could have been they were attacking munitions trains carrying rockets."
Sgt Carmichael was a pilot in No 129 RAF Squadron based in Hornchurch.


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