Is it Do215? [Saab B/T-18B]

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Is it Do215? [Saab B/T-18B]

Post by LiH » 01 Dec 2007 11:22

This plane looks like a Do215 or Do217, but I am not sure. Can anyone who know this plane brief it for me?Thanks.
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Post by Ome_Joop » 02 Dec 2007 00:52

Cockpit seems to be of-center so no Do-217/15....

My guess is a SAAB T/B-18B


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Tim Smith
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Post by Tim Smith » 02 Dec 2007 03:55

I think you're right, that's no Dornier.

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Re: Saab B/T 18

Post by Cantankerous » 12 Jun 2022 00:53

This image is certainly the Saab 18, and can also be found at these links: ... 8B18-2.htm

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