Yugoslave artillery 1941

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Re: Yugoslave artillery 1941

Post by ltcolonel » 28 Apr 2019 00:40

Yougoslav army did not have Schneider MLE 1919 75 mm and 105 mm Mountain guns. The only French mountain gun was old 65 mm M06. Standard Yougoslav mountain guns were Škoda 75 mm M15 and M28.

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Re: Yugoslave artillery 1941

Post by Sturm78 » 08 Dec 2019 11:02

Hi all,

An image from Ebay: field guns captured in Yugoslavia. I think 75mm Schneider Mle 1912 and 8cm M05-08 guns

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Re: Yugoslave artillery 1941

Post by tigre » 25 Feb 2020 22:29

Hello to all :D; a query....................................

Disabled Yugoslavian howitzer 1941.

Source: https://www.catawiki.com/lots/32527495- ... d=1&pid=11

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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Yugoslave artillery 1941

Post by Jeromewaf » 17 Mar 2020 12:35

I forwarded this link on to my colleague over at the Field Artillery Museum, Mr. Gordon Blaker. Gordon may have manuals for them. If not, Im sure hed love to see them

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Re: Yugoslave artillery 1941

Post by Kelvin » 21 Jan 2022 04:38

YAN wrote:
06 Sep 2013 11:37
Thank you Lt. Colonel, here is an old list I have containing the various numbers issued, I am not sure if all are correct.

Anti-Tank Guns
37mm M.1939 Anti-Tank Gun (Skoda A4) = 400
47mm M.1936 Anti-Tank Gun (Skoda A5) = 420

Mountain Guns
65mm M.1916 Mountain Gun (Schneider mle 06) = 210
75mm M.1915 Mountain Gun (Skoda M.1915) = 120
75mm M.1928 Mountain Gun (Skoda CD) = 136

Field Guns
75mm M.1907 Field Gun (Schneider M.1906 & 1911) = 100
75mm M.1912 Cavalry Gun (Schneider mle 12) = 200
80mm (7.65mm) M.5/8 Field Gun (Skoda M.1905/8) = 200
80mm (7.65mm) M.1928 Field Gun (Skoda EF) = 300

Light Howitzers
100mm M.1914 Light Howitzer (Skoda M.1914)
100mm M.1916 Light Howitzer (Skoda M.1916)
120mm M.1915 Light Howitzer (Schneider mle 15 Court)
Full Total = 510
100mm M.14/19 Light Howitzer (Skoda Vz. 14/19) = 150
100mm M.1928 Light Howitzer (Skoda FE) = 72

Long Guns
105mm M.15/26 Long Gun (Skoda M.1915)
105mm M.1913 Long Gun (Schneider L 13 S)
Full Total = 180
105mm M.1936 Long Gun (Skoda J Vz. 35) = 24
150mm M.1928 Long Gun (Skoda Vz.28) = 20
150mm M.15/28 Long Gun (Skoda M.1915) =?

Heavy Howitzers
150mm M.14/16 Heavy Howitzer (Skoda M.1915/16)
155mm M.1917 Heavy Howitzer (Schneider C 17 S)
155mm M.1915 Heavy Howitzer (Schneider C 15 S)
Full Total = 300
155mm M.1936 Heavy Howitzer (Skoda K2) = 48

Heavy Mortars
220mm M.1928 Heavy Mortar (Skoda Vz.28) = 10
305mm M.1916 Heavy Mortar (Skoda M.1916)
305mm M.11/30 Heavy Mortar (Skoda M.1911)
Full Total = 14

Anti-Aircraft Guns
15mm M.1938 Heavy A.A. MG (ZB-60) = 368
20mm M.1936 Heavy A.A. MG (Breda M.35) = 120
75mm M.1937 .A.A. Gun (Skoda Vz.37) = 40
80mm M.05/28 A.A. Gun (M.05/08)
80mm M.05/32 A.A. Gun (M.05/08)
Full Total = 328

80mm M.1928 A.A. Gun (Skoda Vz.28) = 100
80mm M.1928A A.A. Gun (Skoda Vz.28 Modified) = 32
76.5mm M.1936 A.A. Gun (Skoda Vz.37) = 80

Hello, Edge and Yan, I would like to ask if Yugoslav purchased 83.5mm Kanon PL vz.22 ? thank


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