Swedish, Polish or German ?????

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Swedish, Polish or German ?????

Post by rrobertscv » 04 Feb 2003 03:34

Any ideas about this pin would be great. I have had guesses that include Swedish, British, Polish and German.
thanks for any help
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Post by Ogorek » 04 Feb 2003 16:33

Definitely not Polish

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Post by Starinov » 04 Feb 2003 16:49

Because of the crown I would say swedish. But this is a guess only.

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Post by Madsen » 04 Feb 2003 16:56

i agree. it looks Swedish. but several lands use those "shields"

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Post by Musashi » 04 Feb 2003 18:11

Ogorek wrote:Definitely not Polish

I agree. Its not Polish.

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