Belgian Army 1940

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Belgian Army 1940

Post by daveh » 18 Mar 2003 13:59

Help please.

I have information on the Order of Battle and organisation of the Belgian Army but little on its operations in May 1940. Can anyone suggest any books or sites that wil help?. I do have some information on the Chasseur Ardennais (sorry about spelling if wrong).

I can just about read French but not Flemish.

Thanks in anticipation


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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 22 Mar 2003 12:22

I'm at work at present but when I get home later I'll post some info and links.


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Post by Steve » 29 Mar 2003 15:49

The main Belgium line of defence was the Albert Canal, running northwest from Liege to Antwerp, south of Liege the defense was based on the Meuse, westwards to Namur and thence south to the French frontier. Liege was heavily fortified and constituted the linch pin of the entire system.
If they were unable to hold the line of the Albert Canal and the Meuse untill the arrival of the French and British they had made provision for the defence of the River Dyle. This ran from Antwerp via Louvain and Wavre to the Meuse at Namur. Belgian neutrality had prevented any prior co-ordination of plans and allocations of sectors with the British and French untill very late and they knew little about the Dyle fortifications.
The capture of the northernmost fortification of Liege Eban-Emael on the first day of the war which controlled the roads leading from Maastricht to the west and the bridges over the canal at Vroenhavan and Veltwezelt unhinged the Belgiun defense from day 1. The German V1 Army rapidly broke through between Roermund and Liege and the next 18 days was a repetition of Poland as the attacking formations were capable of moving faster than the retreating ones.

Hope its been of some help.

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