Intelligence Kommando

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Intelligence Kommando

Post by bobwpearson » 06 Jun 2013 21:37

I am researching the Intelligence Kommando used in Crete 1941. Apparently there were called Abwehr-Truppen or possibly Truppenabwehr. One of their officers was called Kapt Lt Obladen. To date I have been unable to confirm this. Does anyone know of the correct term for the Intelligence Kommando and was Kapt Lt Obladen attached/led to this group?

I appreciate any guidance or help that any one can offer on this.

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Re: Intelligence Kommando

Post by bettika » 03 Jan 2021 13:58

Hi Bob,
very old question :D
but when you are interested
TNA KV 2/521 ... /C11016523
Friedrich Wilhelm Michael OBLADEN

The name of the kommado was Marineeinsatzkommando (MEK) MAREI (MARES) ... nd/mek.htm

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