Baltic Aircraft Documentation

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Baltic Aircraft Documentation

Post by CameronW » 01 Jun 2018 04:51

I'm currently searching for information regarding some of the aircraft used by the Baltic air forces of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. At the end of the 1930s many small European nations tried introducing indigenous designs of their own to compensate for the lack of funding needed to procure foreign aircraft such as the Hawker Hurricane. The Baltic states in particular created some very interesting prototypes some of which were on par with other contemporaries of their time. The following aircraft I am looking for primary sources:

Aviotehas PN-3
Cukurs C.6bis
VEF I-16

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Juha Tompuri
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Re: Baltic Aircraft Documentation

Post by Juha Tompuri » 05 Jun 2018 20:06


A very helpful and polite forum member Arvo L. V. might be able to help you: ... le&u=13016

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Re: Baltic Aircraft Documentation

Post by henryk » 06 Jun 2018 20:50

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