Best Colonial Army in World War 2

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Best Colonial Army in World War 2

Post by Hardrada55 » 15 May 2019 23:08

Which colonial troops, composed of members of the native population, performed best in WW2? By colonial troops, I’m talking about countries with colonies which have an army at least partially made up of indigenous peoples defending that colony. Examples would be the Dutch KNIL army; British troops like the Indian Army, the King’s African Rifles, the Sudan Defense Force, and West African and East African divisions, The French colonial troops like the Senegalese, the Goumiers, and the Tonkinese and Annamite troops; the Italian Askaris; the Belgian “Force Publique”; American “Philippine Scouts”. What colonial army provided the best performing soldiers? Which colonial army contributed the most to it's "mother" country's war effort?

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Re: Best Colonial Army in World War 2

Post by pikeshot1600 » 26 Jul 2019 17:06

Based on its widespread areas of engagement, its numbers (approx. 2,500,000 men mobilized) and its reputation, the Indian Army.

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