The Greek Partisan Navy

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PT Dockyard
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The Greek Partisan Navy

Post by PT Dockyard » 13 Jul 2019 01:05

I found a nice little site on the activities of the small boats operated by the Greek Partisans:

Does anyone have a list of craft, details on armament and pictures of any of the boats the Greek Partisans used?


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Re: The Greek Partisan Navy

Post by DrG » 13 Jul 2019 16:08

The Italian page found by PT Dockyard has a link to its original source, which is in English language: ... 49&t=54980

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Re: The Greek Partisan Navy

Post by lupodimare89 » 27 Jul 2019 10:08

As a little comment, the "sitoaurora" is unrelated to "soviet-empire": english-to-italian translation has some small mistakes here and there.

Bulk of data came out from a couple of Greek articles and a russian page all floating in the web.
I should stress that's a big "obscure page" of naval WW2 warfare i would further research. An interesting point it's the biggest naval clash between German and Greek (ELAN) partisans is 25 September 1944: while Greek sources indicate a clash with bigger German warships, actually the German apparently lost an auxiliary patrol boat. Either sunk or even captured (this means a conflict of sources, if the mainstream Greek version doesn't mention the capture). I will write more in details when i gather extra info.

PS: I should stress we are also speaking of the communist ELAN/ELAS partisan. There were other not-communist partisan Greek groups but i have no idea if they made their own flotillas.

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