Greek Monasteries on Meteora

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Greek Monasteries on Meteora

Post by ArmchairSamurai » 17 Mar 2020 00:17

Hello all.

I am most intrigued by forgotten, or little known stories involving certain architectural sites across occupied Europe during the war; one of my favorites being the German use of Mont-Saint-Michel. So, that being said, I came across the famous Meteora Monasteries quite by accident and found a little blurb about how they were bombed by the Germans, then looted of "art treasures". I have tried to find any elaboration on this story, but come up empty-handed. Most articles on the matter either are verbatim to the previous article or are some variation of the same words--with little to no new information attached. Just that they were bombed and looted. Does anybody know the full story--perhaps Andartiko? Are there any books on Greece during the war that someone would recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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