Danish infantry regiment

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Danish infantry regiment

Post by Ste » 21 Feb 2022 19:26

Good evening to you all,
does someone knows how an infantry regiment of the Royal Danish Army was structured as of April 1940?
Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Danish infantry regiment

Post by jwsleser » 21 Feb 2022 22:30

This thread has all the answers.


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Re: Danish infantry regiment

Post by gebhk » 22 Feb 2022 12:30

Hi Ste

I would go straight to chakoten.dk (website of the Danish Military Hostory Society). It is mostly in Danish but as an Enblish speaker I had little difficulty (oddly, Polish also helped!). Easily translated if necessary by cutting and pasting into google translate or some such and, in the case of Danish, Google translate seems to make a decent job of it, albeit you have to be a tad careful with military terminology. All the papers are dowloadable. The detail there is more than most sane people would ever need.

However finding the relevant stuff can be bit tricky at first - the layout is not entirely intuitive, let's say. From the home page click on

- Ovrig Militaerhistorie (Other military history (ie not Danish - as I said, not entirely intuitive!). I suspect this is because the Danish militray history part is under construction, so in time the material you are after may well find its way there)
- Krige, felltog og slag
- Krige/Wars
- Dansk forsvar i mellemkrigstiden

And then choose Infateriet and then the parts of the regiment you are interested in.

- https://www.chakoten.dk/mellemkrigstide ... krigstiden
May get you there as a shortcut

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