Memoirs of Fascists who served in the Allied forces?

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Memoirs of Fascists who served in the Allied forces?

Post by nick m. » 05 Mar 2023 11:21

Good day. I'm seeking any memoirs or personal accounts from individuals who had ideological connections to fascism but nevertheless served on the Allied side during the war. It would be interesting to see how such people reconciled their own beliefs with those of the Allied cause they were fighting for.

The only such memoir I'm familiar with is Action Replay by Jeffrey Hamm. For those of you unfamiliar with his story, Hamm was a member of the British Union of Fascists before the war and was interned for a time under Defence Regulation 18B. He was released in 1941 and served in the 12th Royal Tank Regiment for a spell, before being discharged in 1944, apparently over MI5 concerns about his political leanings. After the war he continued to be active in far-right politics in Britain. Action Replay is an autobiography, so it covers much more of Hamm's life than his wartime service, but it does at least provide a bit of a glimpse into the mind of such an individual and what his thoughts were on the war.

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Re: Memoirs of Fascists who served in the Allied forces?

Post by thezerech » 06 Dec 2023 04:30

I would offer the autobiography of Peter Kemp, not a fascist but he did fight for the Nationalists in Spain before returning to the UK to have an illustrious career in the SOE.

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