Need Help on ICELAND during world war II

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Re: Iceland

Post by WW2 ICE » 20 Nov 2017 01:15

Kokampf wrote:
LILLEBROR wrote:Hi im a Norwegian guy. I know that the people there where so hatful about
the UK's and USA troopers that there was several fights between soldiers and locals. Only the Norwegian sq (330sq) seemed to fit in. they were more like the iclandic people and perhaps most important. Norway was also occupied. they may see a fellowship=)
Was there any Icelandic partisan activity during or following the allied invasion? Did anyone try to leave the country in order to volunteer for the Axis forces?
Yes there was the son of the first president of Iceland who live in Germany, he lived in Hamburg before the war worling for an icelandic freighter company, he joined the Waffen - SS and was sent to the eastern front as a correspondent and was stationed in Caucasus for a while, he was later sent to NCO training in BadTölz, Germany, and finally after his training he was sent to denmark to be in charge of propaganda there. He was to put German propaganda and news to be printed into newpapers and radio brodcasts, He was also in charge of wide spreading "DAGGRY" a magazine written by the SS. In August 1944 a rumour was heard about the danish police were to mutany against the German Wehrmacht and SS forces stationed in denmark, when that rumour got about the germans decided to arrest members of the danish police and remove all danish law enforcement. The German officer Ernst Lohmann had been the head of the danish national radio, but he felt sorry for the danish people, so the Icelandic SS officer Björn Sv. Björnsson. Was put in charge of the national radio for ten days while the operation was still in progress. After this his name became quite known in denmark and the thought that the Danish resistance was on him, when Germany surrendered in 1945 Björn was arrested and court martialled but was released in 1946 without any accusations probably because of the pressure from the icelandic high command since Björn was the son of the president of iceland. Björn ended his service with the SS of the rank SS Untersturmführer.

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Re: Need Help on ICELAND during world war II

Post by Leros87 » 23 Nov 2017 23:41

According to information I have on 9 April the British Government invited Iceland to join the allied cause, which they rebuffed. The following day, after Denmark was overrun, the Icelandic Parliament noted that since their King was unable to perform his duties (he and his government had remained at home) they would undertake to transfer duties of government to themselves.
On 3 May the newly formed 2nd RM Bn was warned to prepare for ops. On 8 May the force (Force Sturges, after the battalion's CO, including A anti MTB Battery RM (4 2 pounder guns), Y Coast Defence Bty RM (2 4 inch guns) & 2 3.7 inch howitzers, totalling 746 men) sailed from the Clyde, arriving at Reykjavik on 10 May. The RM Bn was relieved and returned to the UK on 19 May and the RM support units returned to Plymouth on 19 September.
Force Alabaster, comprising the majority of 49th Infantry Division, took over defence between 17 May and 23 June. This force remained until 1942 when relieved by US troops.
The Canadian Force Z, comprising 6th Infantry Brigade and an MG Bn, was diverted to Iceland from Canada, arriving between 16 June and 9 July. It moved on to the UK on 31 Oct, being replaced by 70th Infantry Brigade. A Norwegian ski company was also deployed.
701 Sqn Fleet Air Arm (6 Walrus amphibians) was quickly deployed but was forced to relocate to Stornaway in Oct. 98 Sqn RAF (Battle) arrived in July from Coastal Command.
On 12 April Force Valentine (250 RM) occupied the Faeroes. In May the Lovat Scouts relieved the RM force.
Force returns at the end of September 1940 showed 12979 British and 2563 Canadian troops on Iceland and 584 British troops on the Faeroes.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Need Help on ICELAND during world war II

Post by Waleed Y. Majeed » 24 Nov 2017 02:14

Giving the US "permission" to send troops
also gave them an upper hand, when and if
the treaty with Denmark was to be ratified.
This was to be in 1944, but as Denmark was
still under German control and without an
actual government there was no need for
a new treaty. They could take matters into
own hands and declare independence.
What they needed was a guarantee that
the independence they now had would
last no matter what Denmark or whoever
in charge of that country would say after
the war.

Here's one of the islandic pm's replies and
demands for Icelandic/US cooperation.

"United States further promise to recognize the absolute independence and sovereignty of Iceland and to exercise their best efforts with those powers which will negotiate the peace treaty at the conclusion of the present war in order that such treaty shall likewise recognize the absolute independence and sovereignty of Iceland."

Taken from Roosevelts answer to congress



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