Robert L. Scott Has Passed Away

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Robert L. Scott Has Passed Away

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 03 Mar 2006 07:45


Brig.Gen. Robert L. Scott USAF Ret. has passed away at the age of 97. He wrote a book call "God Is My Co-Pilot". It was about his experience in flying a shark-mouthed P-40 fighter against the might of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces in China. He was a one man air force for awhile in China. He made havoc and chaos against the Japanese with his cunning tactics that only a fighter pilot should have. He had an ego problem which caused some of his surperiors to dislike him. He won plenty of respect from the Chinese people. As a Chinese-American myself, I have my deepest respect for this brave American fighter pilot and I salute him! He personal score during WWII was over 20 air-to-air kills against the Japanese.



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Post by Galahad » 28 Jan 2007 17:40

Scott was fascinating, and had a remarkable constitution. His physical condition and reflexes were so oustanding that he flew an F16 solo in 1984--at 76!, an F-15--at 87!!, and flew in a B1, at 89.

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Re: Robert L. Scott Has Passed Away

Post by Sleipnir11 » 01 Oct 2017 17:13

Col. Bob Scott's P-40E "Old Exterminator" when he was CO of 23rd FG in 1942 carried 3 meatballs and 8 rising suns. Just wonder why he needed to distinguish among his claims and what the two symbols referred to respectively. Did not seem to be used to separate IJA and IJN kills because he claimed 2 Zekes only (which could very likely to be Oscars) while the number did not match.
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