Waffen SS Camouflage items (Smock, helm cover e.t.c)

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Waffen SS Camouflage items (Smock, helm cover e.t.c)

Post by cnicoll123 » 10 Sep 2013 19:41

Hey guys.

New to the website, so please pardon some inaccuracies and/or spelling mistakes.

I'm slowly but surely building up my 'collection' of uniform pieces and equipment, as i've got myself signed up with a Reenactment group in the UK, and hopefully next year i'll manage to get down south to England to get involved in the events e.t.c.

Obviously it isn't an instant thing, but i'm looking to buy a Plane Tree Smock (Typ 2) and a Plane Tree Helmet Cover (Matching). Which are correct in pattern and layout, as well as allowed in most reenactment groups.

Please post to UK sites only, as I live in the UK.

Price range would be under £150 For both pieces together

I've considered waiting it out until i actually attend an event before buying the camo, so an experienced member can show me. But that could lead to over-pricing and being 'ripped off' in a sense.

Much appreciated any replies to this!
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Re: Waffen SS Camouflage items (Smock, helm cover e.t.c)

Post by WW2JoshLee23 » 30 Aug 2014 21:04

hi i would love to do some bussiness with you ! please get back to me

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