Taschen Tafeln/Potsdam Tables/Wa Tafeln needed

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Taschen Tafeln/Potsdam Tables/Wa Tafeln needed

Post by jbaum » 17 Jan 2020 00:15

I'm going to put out a manual/book with translations of all the Ausbildung Tafeln, Waffen Tafeln, etc. in it. These are the folded 4-8 page booklets printed on heavy paper that were originally sold in sets (see sample below) sometimes called Potsdam Tafeln. I have all of the ATJ, G, ATKfk, and Jn, but I am still missing 1 from the Wa group, 4 from the ATN (communications) group, and all of the IN (Inneren Service) group.

From the Wa Tafeln group, I am missing:
46/47 - KleinKalibergewehr

From the ATN Tafeln group, which has a total of 8 tables, I am missing:
I/IA - Fernsprechstörungsdienst
III/IIIa - Blinkertafel
VIII/a - Morsen
IX/IXa - Fernsprechbetriebsdienst

I need all from the Inneren Dienst group:
1 - Bekleidung u. Ausrüst.
2 - Kasernen u. Stubenordn.
3/3a - Wachdienst
4 - Gesundheitspflege

I don't need to buy the manuals, but I will if I can. All I really need are good scans of the pages 300 dpi or higher resolution is better. I can accept very large files in an email, or I could download them from online.

Files can be emailed to me at John@Germanmanuals.com

Thanks in advance for any help.

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