New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

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New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

Post by Georg_S » 15 Mar 2020 19:48


I want to inform that since today there is a new rule for the sub-forum "For Sale & Wanted". It is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED to sell or search for Dogtags (Erkennungsmarken).

Why this new rule has been introduced is for the respect of the fallen or missing soldier. As well as respect for the relatives who are still seeking information or to end an uncertain destiny for their relatives.

The sale of these dogtags makes it impossible for these relatives to gain knowledge. It, together with the remains of the fallen or missing, must be handed over to the competent authority according to my humble attitude.

If this rule is violated, the seller or anyone seeking these dogtags is warned, upon repeating, the member is banned.

I hope you respect this new rule.

Waffen-SS, SS-TV, KZ/KL SS-Pz.A.A.

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Re: New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

Post by Gorque » 15 Mar 2020 20:32

That's a very good rule Georg and just for the reasons stated, closure.

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Re: New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

Post by Prosper Vandenbroucke » 16 Mar 2020 20:12

Very, very good rule Georg .I agree at 100% with your opinion.

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Re: New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

Post by Darmidont » 22 Apr 2020 08:27

Georg_S... how to send a private message

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Re: New rule of the "For sale and wanted"

Post by Terry Duncan » 22 Apr 2020 10:04

Click on the name of the person you want to message in the top left of one of their posts, and it will take you to a new screen where the option to send a PM appears on the left of the screen. :welcome:


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