what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

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Martijn Romviel
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what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

Post by Martijn Romviel » 18 Sep 2022 19:37


I have seen a nice SA Rohm dagger with partial text still on it and i have seen a wel preserved SS dager.
Prices are about the same. Which one would become more valuable as an investment long period?

I just can chose what dagger to pick... I was hoping for some advice!

Thanks in advance!

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Mark in Cleveland, Tn.
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Re: what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

Post by Mark in Cleveland, Tn. » 18 Sep 2022 20:06

well, an SS dagger by far..Ehh, depends of course if it and or both are genuine and not a fake or reproduction.lol

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von thoma
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Re: what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

Post by von thoma » 19 Sep 2022 00:51

Hello ;

If the blade is not very deteriorated, the signed SA dagger seems to me to be a better option.
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Re: what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

Post by Hans1906 » 19 Sep 2022 13:45

Hi Martijn Romviel,

personally, I think both are wrong, a bad introduction to this topic.
Find out more about the well-known websites, and you should also buy some books on the subject.

In your situation, I would focus on the edged weapons of the then Dutch associations, and then it gets really expensive, but that would make sense to you.
Don't buy anything online, do local research for such pieces, these can still be found, local classifieds are very useful.
Contact older collectors in your area before you invest a lot of money, these collectors are usually very helpful.

Without these people, you simply lack the basic knowledge of these edged weapons.
In the 1970s there was only one serious collector of these daggers in our north-west German region.
His collection was later sold by his heirs for several hundred thousand German marks at the time.

The man was the "bible" for every edged weapons collector in our region, but those days are over...
(The man's name doesn't belong on an internet forum)

I no longer collect German edged weapons for a variety of reasons.
When I was young I learned a lot, bought too expensive and sold too cheaply.
Personally, I was far from turning it into a business, that was difficult in the years before the Internet.
I seldom listened to the experts, I knew everything "better," that was my fault.

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Re: what to pick... SA or SS Dagger?

Post by Sami1938 » 22 Sep 2022 18:29

Like you, wanted to invest in a Chained SS Dagger, but also (I am guessing) like you, have no expertise in edged weapons.

However, I followed a similar path to what Hans suggests; I watched one specific dagger that was in the ownership of a close dealer friend. I was a various shows with him and over an 18-month period, watched and listened to various members of the public and other dealers comment on the merits of that dagger.

One of the best, which with hindsight, wished I had video'd, was a member or the public who came to his stand with his two young children and we did not expect much, as there are a lot of 'viewers', much less buyers! How wrong we both were!

This person went through the dagger from end to end and gave a full, detailed breakdown of the qualities of that specific item. He himself was a dagger collector and had owned a couple of notable named edged weapons in his time.

The end result of my 18-months of 'research', was the firm decision that this was the right one for me and worth me spending the then high price. In the past 4-years, since purchase, watching prices unfold and knowing the high quality of the particular piece I now own, it has, at least, increased in value by 50%, but in the right auction, could maybe even double. That assessment is based on what they are actually selling for, plus the overall high condition of the one I bought.

Not an easy, quick, or cheap decision to make, but research is key, otherwise you could end up overpaying for a sub-standard item that will not fulfil your intended investment goal.

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