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Re: ► Photothread: Luftwaffe vehicles

Post by Sturm78 » 08 Jun 2019 12:13

Bert wrote
thank You for Your reply. After checking the pic You posted I´m rather sure, that the vehicle on Your pic is a tractor, not a truck. The engine of the truck is normally fixed in front of the front axle, against that the engine of this tractor, called "Eilschlepper" is moved behind the front axle because of the better distribution of the weight. In this way the center of gravity was moved to the rear axle with the drive. This vehicle has a shorter driver’s cab without sleeping compartment and a short platform instead of the ballast bridge. The vehicle had the radiator grille of the initial model with the VOMAG lettering. I think it is the type 5 ZR 438. Here a pic of such a vehicle out of the book "VOMAG - eine Legende in Bildern" by Christian Suhr & Ralf Weinreich.
Bert wrote
I´m awfully sorry. I made a mistake. Of course, it is the type 5 ZR 434.
Thank you for your effort in identifying the VOMAG vehicle of my last photo, Bert.. :wink:


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Re: ► Photothread: Luftwaffe vehicles

Post by Maxschnauzer » 16 Jul 2019 05:44

A nice shot of an Sd. Kfz. 7, KM m 8 version 1935.
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