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What scale do you prefer?

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by » 18 Feb 2017 19:52

Dear friends

definitely 1/72 but only because of the last 10 years of development of figures and many other accessories which help to make
nice dioramas plus the arrival of 3d printers which allowed the creation of diorama thingies like buildings etc. plus the arrival of 3d pens
which help to make trees from scratch. All these eliminated - my opinion of course - the lack of materials to make our dioramas and creations
and focus on the main advantage of 1/72 scale: size that enables to put them on display easily in a normal house. :thumbsup:

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by Akroma » 05 Mar 2017 10:08

Hi all, I've been collecting Bolt Action model kits lately, they are 1/56 scale and quite detailed and a nice size for wargaming, etc. There is a good selection of diorama accessorys too also i find 1/48 scale a;so close enough to mix and match.

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by Gerfaut » 12 Mar 2017 20:04

I like the 1/144 scale. :milsmile: Its small work, but so nice.... :D

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by GMC72 » 29 Mar 2017 21:24

I used to work in 1/72 scale for years and did build a museum/airfield in my hobby room. (hence my name GMC72)
But recently I became an addict in building 1/35 trucks and find so much more fun building them because you can put so much more detail in it.
I will still try to build my oversize stock of 1/72 airplane and vehicle models but the bigger 1/35 trucks are more fun.

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by OberstF » 08 Mar 2018 17:33

1:100 for the win!
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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by Leo Niehorster » 04 Feb 2019 10:12

1:200 for land and air models/miniatures
1:1250 for naval water-line models

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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by Gavin W. » 08 Apr 2019 14:53

I personally prefer 1/72 for planes but 1/35 for armour and ground vehicles
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Re: Scale preference poll

Post by yantaylor » 03 Sep 2019 19:43

Hi everyone.
I have recently got back my model making bug, well it has been over 40 years.

I have uncovered my old model collection from in the attic and was surprised at how bad it looks, not how the models are made but the different scales. My preferred models are WW2 armoured vehicles, troops and artillery, which I used to wargame with when we had a wargames club near bye.

The models are mostly three different makes, Airfix, Matchbox and Esci. I placed together the Airfix StuG III, the Matchbox Pz Mk. III Ausf J and the Esci Pz Mk. III Ausf M and was appalled at how different they looked scale wise.

So, getting to my point, I want to create a new collection in 1/72, mainly German and British to start with as this will allow me to match them up with my hundreds of painted soldiers which I still have all in company sized units. I am really out of touch with what is out there now.

I want to try and keep to the same make, which would make they all look even in scale, but which company or make?
I want to start with British armour with Vickers Mk. VIs, A9, A10 and A13 cruisers, plus early makes of armoured cars along with all the early panzers and German armoured cars.

Any ideas guys?

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