Plastic Model Paint Help!

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Plastic Model Paint Help!

Post by Ritter » 05 Nov 2002 04:23

Why does my "Flat Black Enamel" look glossy?
What is the name for the dull black that has no gloss?

- help is appreciated :)

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David C. Clarke
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Post by David C. Clarke » 05 Nov 2002 04:32

Hi Ritter, hmmm, not my area of expertise, Flat Black should be Flat Black!! Did you thin it or anything? I switched to acryllics years ago
from enamel, but I can't recall ever having this problem. You should be able to overspray it with a dullcoate sealer though, or a clear flat coat.
Anyone out there have any suggestions????
Best Regards, David :(

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Post by tonyh » 05 Nov 2002 12:15

Is it Humbrol? If it is then the only way you can make the enamel flat is by covering it with a flat varnish coat.

I had the same problem when I made a Lancaster. The black underside coat went n easily, but was distinctly "semi gloss". But it actually helped with the aplication of the decals. After I gave it a coat of varnish the "gloss" finish dulled down considerably.


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Christian Ankerstjerne
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Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 05 Nov 2002 15:46

If you thin the Humbrol enames, especially with turpentine, you'll risk this. It won't happen to the original paint, if stired properly...


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Stuart S
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Post by Stuart S » 05 Nov 2002 17:29

I find Revell enamels much better than Humbrol for matt work. Rather than stirring the paint in the tin, though, it's better to dig out the thick stuff at the bottom and mix it separately on a palette. If you have to thin it, do so very sparingly with a little white spirit as this is liable to put a sheen on the job if you're not careful.

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