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Post by Feuerjager » 17 Nov 2006 11:44

Hate to be "Nit-Pickie" over such a beautiful work of art as this diorama but something has bothered me about it every since I saw it. Last night I finally realized what it was!

The locomotive has too many lights on it (see pic below) to be from the WW2 era. All WW2 German locomotives I have ever seen only had the two lower lights just above the bolsters. The third light (red box) was a Post War addition to increase visibility. It is a common mistake when modeling railroads of the DRG or EPOCHE II period.


Notice this 1943 pic of another BR 52 locomotive - no third light mounted on the smokebox.
pic from eisenbahnstitung.de

Still a beautiful diorama by any means - just one of those "Little Things" that seemed to get missed when you are building a period piece. Ran into it all the time when I built Epoche II German HO Scale model railroads.


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