New Photo Album and New Playlist

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New Photo Album and New Playlist

Post by Model Maniac » 18 Jan 2018 08:36

This year I continue building models myself (in December last year I built 50 kits - see my earlier post). In the first two weeks of this year I've built 20 kits mostly in 1:72 scale: ... 692&type=3

Late last year I took a few days off from building kits to create a new Youtube Playlist named "Sweet Songs". It's the 15th Playlist that I created and probably the best ever. Featuring the world's best songs, starting with original vocal version followed by instrumental (mostly pan flute) version(s). It's been quite popular. You might like it, please try: ... iCyOq5w8ic
My Impressive Songs Playlists 1-12: ... /playlists

My Impressive Songs Playlists 13-15: ... /playlists

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