1/6th scale articulated figures from Did

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1/6th scale articulated figures from Did

Post by EPOCH3 » 27 Feb 2018 20:21

Hi - a little off topic but in researching how to make customized
crew member sets for my various 1/35th railway artillery model
projects I came across highly detailed scale "Dolls" in 1/6th scale
from a company named Did. They are pricey at $100-$200 each.
They are about 12" high and therefore unusable for 1/35th scale
etc but they look fantastic detail wise and are supposed to be highly

Does anyone who does 1/6th scale have any of these
figures and can share how "poseable" they are?

I am thinking of using these larger scale figures and then 3D scanning
them in the specific poses I need. Then I would print them on my 3D
printer. I think starting at 1/6th scale and reducing to 1/35th scale
the level of detail would be sufficient. Any ideas?


The US AEF figure is shown for refference
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