Somua S 35

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Somua S 35

Post by modelbouw nederland » 28 Apr 2020 18:42

Hello everyone,

Today I want to show you my latest progress of my latest progress, the Somua S 35.
Thank to a guy that gave me some research sources, I was able to choose a nice painting and marking scheme.
And I did learn a lot about the divisions in question that did fought with these machines.
Here is the link to the photo's on Imgur, where I upload all my model making photo's to as a central hub to share on all the other platforms where I'm sharing my building progress as well:

I also want to ask for your support in one of my latest projects on Reddit. I have made a new subreddit about military model making. And I already did put a lot of time and effort in the subreddit. We already have 15 members and I'm posting new content daily. Now I'm hoping that you want to pay a visit to the subreddit, which I will give you the link to in a minute. And that you want to subscribe and that you are wanting to comment on the posts that I make. To get some activity going and to take part in a growing community on Reddit. If you want to place some content there as well, that will be highly appreciated. And will be encouraged by the mods.
Feel free to do this and don't feel forced at all, if you are not wanting to do this. You are free to not do this. But I would be highly appreciating if you want to. And please forgive me if I was breaking the rules of the platform. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to try to reach out on different places to get some people for my subreddit to get some things going. And to get some more activity then I currently have. Again, forgive me if I'm breaking your rules, it wasn't my intention to.
The link to my subreddit:

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