Arado 234-B belonging to 9./KG 76

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Erik E
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Post by Erik E » 05 Apr 2002 17:54

This posting is soon off topic from the Modellers forum I guess.....
But here is another Ar234 at Sola. (British forces in front)

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Post by Timo » 05 Apr 2002 18:49

Erik E wrote:This posting is soon off topic from the Modellers forum I guess.....
No problem as far as I'm concerned and I guess David is with me in this. It only becomes a problem when its nolonger a German WW2 related topic, or when the discussion turns nasty (or plain boring).


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Matt Gibbs
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Post by Matt Gibbs » 07 Apr 2002 22:48

Nice to discover the modellers forum!
The Jets of WW2 are one of my favourite Luftwaffe topics. Shame they didn't develop the AR234 any more than they did. I have a video somewhere with some great footage of them testing these planes and the take off trolleys of the early ones pus interviews with a couple of pilots who flew them. No colour film as I recall.
One story that sometimes makes me chuckle is one about a repaint in the field for an aircraft, I think it was an Fw 190 and the storemen found they had only little of the hellblau underside colour to cover the many patches they had made to renovate the fuselage. They had a few half empty tins from differnt batches, apparently they were all a slightly different shade. The solution..? Tip them all into a bucket, mix it with a stick and there you have a pretty "average" light blue, slap on the paint, wheel away the plane and onto the next, no time to worry about the shade etc - too busy making sure the planes could fly!! They probably didnt have the RLM colour charts anyway....,aybe they used them to light a fire on a cold day on the russian front..?? :mrgreen: Anyway, thats why I don;t worry overmuch about late war colour matching. Anyone else heard any similar stories or tales of unusual colours..?
Regards :)

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Post by Erich » 07 Apr 2002 23:42

Stammführer :

many of the Ju 88G-6's during 1945 were painted in non-regulation colours......whatever that meant. RLM 76 originally was a light blue but changed throughout the conflict to almsot a white grey. the result of lost pigments and a no-care attitude during the last months of the war. Too much choas. JG 301 and their Fw 190
A-9's and D-9's during 1945, II./JG 301 many times did not paint the second gruppe bar over the rumpfband. Was there paint.....yes ! did the mechanics have ! and they didn't care. The big deal is that the pilots/crews just wanted to maintain the a/c for operations and the painting of the a/c was not even a consideration anymore.
Getting back to the Nachtjägers..Ju 88G-6's were sometimes painted with brushes and mops, and the inclusion of foliage appearance, sometimes literal and sometimes in the painted form as per photos. Allied Jabos were the major concern as these big planes sat on the fields like picked plums so the upper surfaces were painted in such a way to camo them from overhead viewing.


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