The Battle of Königsberg

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The Battle of Königsberg

Postby mars » 28 Jul 2012 01:57

I happen to find this book "The Battle of Königsberg: The Struggle for the East Prussian Capital, October 1944 to April 1945" at amazon, any opinion? ... PDKIKX0DER

J. Duncan
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Re: The Battle of Königsberg

Postby J. Duncan » 28 Jul 2012 09:20

Beware of "createspace' publishing...I have been suckered into purchasing a few titilating titles that totally and frankly "suck". Createspace caters to the hobbyist and any foolish dolt who wants to publish a book. They are often poorly researched or not researched at all. No scholarship or deep insight to be found there.

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Re: The Battle of Königsberg

Postby Brian26 » 02 Feb 2013 19:03

Hi Mars - I'm the author and the reason I decided to go via Createspace is due to my dissatisfaction with my publisher's efforts to market my other works (this is not my first book). This was the main reason that I opted for the self publishing route. Try the book for yourself and see what you think, its available on Kindle and Paperback and also through Smashwords.

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Jeff Leach
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Re: The Battle of Königsberg

Postby Jeff Leach » 04 Feb 2013 13:01

I have the book and can say it is a basic text based on secondary sources. It does have better maps than you see in a lot of military texts. The quality of the printing does leave much to be desired being faint or smeared in places and the quality of the pictures isn't the best but then again as good as many other bargain books. If you don't know much about the actions in Lithuania or East Prussia the book is fine for the price ($11.50).

There is a very critical review of the book on the site and the author would probably be wise to try and contact the author of the review and try and get a more systematic list of missed references and review the literature. Createspace is a publish on demand service so it shouldn't be all that much trouble to revise the text. Get a good editor and some knowledgeble reviewers to help improve the product.

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