SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy

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Richard Anderson
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Re: SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy

Post by Richard Anderson » 03 May 2021 15:41

Michael Kenny wrote:
03 May 2021 08:22
Richard Anderson wrote:
18 Nov 2020 00:04
B Squadron is murkier on dates, but lost 5 KO and 7 damaged, probably all on 7 June.
The original document is a count of all losses June 6th-11th. B Squadron in the only bit where there is no breakdown by date of the losses. It is entirely possible some of the B Squadron losses are from other dates.
Ah, that clarifies things. Thanks as always Michael. Cheers!
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Tom from Cornwall
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Re: SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy

Post by Tom from Cornwall » 04 May 2021 20:04

Michael Kenny wrote:
03 May 2021 07:42
It is clear that Reynolds read the June Appendix in the Sherbrooke's War Diary but he either can't read properly or wilfully misrepresented the numbers (as in conflating categories and double-counting) in the hope no one would check. I checked. Reynolds got it wrong.

Great stuff as always. I was impressed with the research that Michael Reynolds put into his first book about the Battle of the Bulge but got the impression his later books were churned out without as much thought/analysis/concern for accuracy.


Michael Kenny
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Re: SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy

Post by Michael Kenny » 05 May 2021 08:55

We get lots of German claims about this or that Allied Unit suffering 'massive' tank casualties but reality does not always match. For instance this Unit (2 Canadian Armoured Regiment, Sherbrooke Fusiliers, 2 Canadian Armoured Brigade) have this in their August War Diary:
9 tanks destroyed in all of August!
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Re: SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy

Post by wwilson » 08 May 2021 08:49

@Michael Kenney

Interesting there are more losses from mines and indirect fire than antitank weapons. That seems to have been a general 'case' in the Second World War, although I may well be mistaken.


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