Review: Walking away from the Third Reich

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Review: Walking away from the Third Reich

Post by sniper1shot » 25 Jul 2006 02:26

Title: Walking away from the Third Reich
Author: Claus Sellier
ISBN: 1-55571-513-3
Publisher: Hellgate Press
Stars: 4
(out of 5)

I have had this title on my "want list" for sometime now and when I found another forum member (different forum) selling this copy, I snapped it up.
Story begins with the author going through his schooling. This was a slight difference from the norm as he went to a boarding school for the privledged. He did participate in the Hitler Youth Sports games. The author also discusses the process of how they were recruited when they graduated. He ended up joining the Mountain troops.
The Authors training is surprising as he mentions how he was not the best recruit in both training and Officer training in which he is ultimately kicked off the course. Not too many memoirs mention this.....
His battle descriptions had me picturing the Russian artillery barage where his Unit was decimated in Bosnia. How the author and a small band of stragglers made their way to friendly lines and the ultimate reforming of the unit in Yugoslavia is also mentioned.
There are two major battles that are described that tell of how he made some extra $$ on the black market and the other battle scene is where the author wins his medals for valour.
The last chapters cover his return to officer training and an ultimate mission that takes him away from his training unit and probably capture by the Russians. After completing the task he is taken prisoner by US troops and is "released" to make his way back home.
The only portion of this book that I did not like was that the author did not tell of the fate of his comrades. He describes in detail about quite a few soldiers incl his brothers yet makes NO mention of their ultimate fate.
There are very few pictures and a couple of maps.
Another memoir that I do recommend.

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