Review: Goodbye Transylvania

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Review: Goodbye Transylvania

Post by sniper1shot » 30 Aug 2006 05:09

Title: Goodbye Transylvania
Author: Sigmund Heinz Landau
ISBN: 0 907969 13 5
Publisher: Breedon Books Publishing Company Ltd.
Stars: 4.5
(out of 5)

Well, I have heard of this title for a few years and when a copy became avail. I just had to buy it. I was NOT disappointed.
The book starts off with the author going back to Romania to see his parents and from there starts to remember his past. This incl. a brief history of how Transylvania came to be and how the various countries ruled the area.
The chapters go into the author joining the Waffen SS and fighting for a good portion of the war in Russia and the Eastern Front with jaunts in Holland and Italy. There are some very good and graphic battle descriptions. This incl. only a couple of Russian atrocity descriptions, but it also incl the authors frank admission to killing some Russian POW's after seeing these atrocities.
The last chapters cover the battle for Berlin (I felt I was there in the buildings, fighting) and the author being captured....his questioning and ultimate trek to captivity. The author then escapes and eventually makes his way to Austria and ultimately to Britain.
The only questions to this book was the authors admission to being an undercover police informant and being sent all over the place....but I guess anything is possible in war time.
I highly recommend this classic.

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