Review: La Division Meindl

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Review: La Division Meindl

Post by Marcus » 02 Jun 2007 11:49

A review of "La Division Meindl" by Didier Lodieu has been added to the site.

btw. The idea with these threads are to encourage discussions on the books reviewed so they can be an addition to the reviews on the site.


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Benoit Douville
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Post by Benoit Douville » 05 Jun 2007 00:20

I found this review pretty harsh. Of course I am a Frenchspeaking die-hard Luftwaffe ground troops fan but there is no reason to write two times in this article that we should pass on this book. Didier Lodieu have been really working hard for that book and he had put a lot of times and effort for it, there is a lot of infos of the unknown Meindl Division to find there. I hope it will be translated in the future so the member of this forum who are not speaking french will be able to get an idea of this marvelous work put by Didier Lodieu.


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Post by Andreas » 05 Jun 2007 09:24


I know it is a harsh review, but I think I explained quite well why it was that I could not get into the book. I admire Didier for his research, and I made that clear in the review as well, but I think if he considered some of the points I made for future books they would be much improved.

By the way, I am sure Marcus would welcome adding a review of the book (or indeed other books by Didier) by you to the site. I certainly do not see any of my reviews as the last word on the subject. They are my personal opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

All the best


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Post by GUSTAV-OESAU » 05 Jun 2007 19:48

What can i say !!
I can't agree with you !!!
Your point of view is totaly wrong i think !!!
In this book, you can only read about the story of few men.... in a small part of Russia.....
fighting for mosquitos....... and snow.......... this was WAR !!!
This book is history of simple soldiers, lost and forgotten..........
Just try to understand what they were!!!!!!!!
Some time it is good, and nice to read about simple people.................
And this book is about simple men, this is why i like it very much !!!


It is not another Big book, with maps and stratégic......; like every body can write...

Have a fresh breath with this Meindl... and may be you will understand those poor soldiers...
Read It once !!!!! for sure you will like it..........

And maybe if a lot's of this french book will be sold..... it will later be in English ! ! !
Give it a chance

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Post by Andreas » 06 Jun 2007 09:27

Salut Gustav

As I said, my opinion, nothing else. I fully understand and expected that others would disagree.



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Post by Fallschirmjäger » 07 Jun 2007 06:55

Thanks for the link,one thing why the choice of the colour of the title words,pink is it by the looks?.And being in french,but also not that i could afford it,i will have to pass on it,the pictures though i would like to see the most realy. 8-)

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