Review: The Nazi Officer's Wife

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Review: The Nazi Officer's Wife

Post by sniper1shot » 03 Sep 2007 20:16

Title: The Nazi Officer's Wife
Authour: Edith Hahn Beer w/Susan Dworkin
Publisher: William Morrow & Compny Inc.
ISBN: 0-688-16689-X
Stars: 4
(out of 5)

Picked this book up at a garage sale as it falls under my collection of WWII memoirs and also because I had never heard of this title before.
This is a memoir of a Jewish woman and what she had to do to survive in Germany during the war. Though the title is a little misleading it is quite a remarkable story of survival.
The chapters cover how the German Army made it's way into Austria and what happened to the countries Jews. From moving into Ghettos and then being forced to work in Germany etc.
The authour mentions the "help" she received from some authorities in how to disappear. After getting all the paperwork that was required and moving to Germany etc. All the while she keeps in touch with her family and friends and discovers that her mother has been deported. The authour mentions a few trips back to Austria and how family and friends are not able to put her up for a few days due to food and room shortages.
She meets up with a German tech. in an Aircraft plant and marries him. When her husband is called up for service that is when he becomes and officer though it is towards the end of the book. He keeps her secret.
The last chapters cover what happens when her husband comes back from Soviet POW camps and the ultimate divorce etc. Her work as a judge and then the ultimate immigration out of Germany. She manages to deliver a baby in the Third Reich and is believed to be the only baby born to a Jew in a German Hospital in 1944.
A very interesting memoir w/a few pictures of key characters that she mentions in the book.

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