Review: Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces

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Review: Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces

Post by sniper1shot » 23 Mar 2008 03:37

Title: Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces, Memoirs of a UBoat Rebel
Authour: Teddy Suhren & Fritz Brustat-Naval
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1-59114-851-0
Stars: 5
(out of 5)

I picked this book up at Borders as I had not even heard of this title. As I collect memoirs, I thought it might be interesting to read on an unknown UBoat Comd, or at least unknown to me. I was not disappointed.
There are 13 chapters in 244 pages that cover his entire war time service and post war career. Starting with why he joined the Navy, a brief meeting w/Hitler while he was a cadet. The chapters also cover all the stages that a Naval ensign had to go through before being given a comd of a UBoat. He admits that he was not a "Golden Boy" but was always in trouble for something or other and was not popular with the various school staffs, even though he was a smart student.
Teddy did 15 war time patrols and though not every single action is mentioned, he does describe some very interesting attacks. Also described are meetings in the Atlantic with other submarines or supply subs. During the war he meets Hitler again for the investiture of his awards, and attends parties with other known names in the UBoat service and some high ranking Party Officials incl. Bormann and Himmler.
After being posted to shore duties, Teddy gets married, and is sent to Norway to control the UBoat war up there. He gets to watch the defeat of the UBoat arm and ultimate surrender of Germany, where he himself surrenders to the British.
After the war he takes a civilian job and turns down offers to serve in the new German Navy. He eventually becomes head to the Naval Veterans Assoc and is ultimately held in high esteem by the UBoat veterans.
All the pictures are new and from his private collection. This is a definate memoir to read.
Just for the knowing and the unknowing...Teddy is not his real name and how he gets this nickname is quite funny.

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Re: Review: Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces

Post by krichter33 » 24 Mar 2008 01:56

Excellent book! One of the best U Boat memoirs I ever read!!!

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