Review: The Volga Rises in Europe

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Review: The Volga Rises in Europe

Post by sniper1shot » 08 Jun 2008 03:36

Title: The Volga Rises in Europe
Authour: Curzio Malaparte
Publisher: Birlinn Limited
ISBN: 0-7394-1930-7
Stars: 2.5
(out of 5)
I have heard about this book and how it was well written with a lot of attention to detail. Well, it is well written and it does have the attention to detail but attention that I found was misdirected. I thought the book was going to cover the German advance into Russia, which it does, but the authour goes on to spend paragraphs describing rain storms, rooms of a house, the weather, shoes of a fallen soldier etc etc etc.
The authour is an Italian writer that eventually gets banned from the Eastern Front and is sent to house arrest in Italy, though does not describe this in any way. One sentence he is in Russia, next chapter he is on the Finnish Front off of Leningrad, many months later. There is a chapter describing a long forgotten Russian aristocrat. This had nothing to do with the war in my opinion.
The authour constantly talks of and describes the Soviet past and I was under the impression he was talking more about the Soviet soldiers and not the German forces he was supposed to be covering. He had some heavy leaning towards Communism that you felt he might actually be a communist.
Even though there are probably many out there that will disagree with me, I found this book to be actually...... boring

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Re: Review: The Volga Rises in Europe

Post by Marcus » 08 Jun 2008 17:10

Thanks for posting these reviews here, it is always appreciated.


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